• Client / server application for Microsoft Windows (XP/ Vista / 7)
  • Latest and proven technologies (thin client datasnap technology via TCP/IP)
  • Very low administration (the only administration task is to execute the upgrades: 3 clicks)
  • Single point administration: once the server is upgraded, the clients are upgraded automatically
  • Automatic hot backup (7 days cycle)
  • Access rights: Each user has specific access rights related to his/her function
  • All files (pdf, doc, xls, jpg, ...) attached to your documents are centralized on the server
  • SQL database powered by Firebird SQL
  • Data total privacy (your data are located on your local network, the internet gateway can be closed or opened to provide a worldwide access)
  • Reported identification data are only accessible by authorized users (data de-identification)


  • Business oriented
  • Head up display: gives an instant picture of the entire SMS organization
  • Attach any file with your reports / risk analysis / corrective actions / survey
  • Email alerts
  • Graphical charts (performance monitoring)
  • Unique "all in one" graphical interface to keep all information on screen, available in one click (without windows tiling)
  • Incredible speed and usage comfort compared to a web based solution
  • Perfectly adapted to little and large companies (up to 250 simultaneous users).
  • Specific support and design available on request
  • Regular upgrades (at least 3 per year) are available to implement the modifications commonly requested by the registered users or introduced by revised regulations


Includes the 4 pilars of the SMS:

  • Safety policy (Policy statement, key safety personnel, SMS Manual)
  • Risk assessment & mitigation (Risk identification, Assessment, Mitigation, management of changes)
  • Safety Assurance (Safety target and risk index, Safety audits & corrective actions, links to hazard occurences)
  • Safety promotion (Email alerts, safety communique, links to safety databases & external web-sites)
  • Reporting module (reactive and proactive reports)


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